Free Track Plans for your Model Railway
Layout Plans
Plans have been divided according to the type of track arrangement, and the size of board they require. Layouts including a continuous run are filed under the first category, with modular plans, that may be incorporated into many different types of layout, listed in thesecond section. End-to-end designs not requiring a fiddle yard are including in thethird group, and user submissions are in section four.
Elevated sections are shown with purple edges, reverse loops in blue. All buildings and platforms are in dark grey, whilst the grid represents a square foot.
Continuous Run Designs Modular Designs User Submissions
Basic Shapes Basic Shapes 10 or more feet wide
Circle with Sidings Branch Line Terminus 23x5 Almhult
Single Oval Branch Line Terminus - Ashburton 20x16 Carnforth
Double Oval Branch Line Terminus - Holywell 15x8 Cebuan Dumbell
Folded Eight Branch Line Terminus - Seahouses 15x3 Crookwell, NSW
Oval with Return Loop Main Line Terminus 14x15 Three Northampton Stations
Stretch Oval Through Station 13x5 Lindau
Stretch Eight Corner Station 12x10 LUL in South East London
  Exchange Sidings 12x3 Oberbayerndorf
10 or more feet wide Goods Yard 11x9 Norton Junction
12x9 Inverness Through Terminus 10x8 London Road
12x9 Euston to Manchester   10x8 Definite C
12x9 Branch Line Border 10 or more feet wide 10x5 Foldable
12x9 Diagonal Station 12x4 Horsted Keynes 10x3 Picton
12x6 Immingham 10x4 Marylebone 10x2 Rayning Revised
10x8 Storiths 10x4 Kings Cross 9x6 Whitcliffe End
10x8 Central Station 10x2 Sheffield Park 9x5 Town to Sea
10x8 Mallaig 10x2 Moorswater Cement 9x4 Hellcat Valley
10x8 Shotton 10x2 Bradford Forster Square
10x7 Lewes 10x2 Wolverhampton Steel 8 feet wide
10x6 Motherwell Steel 10x2 Penzance 8x6 Gyppeswyck Docks
10x6 Bradbrook 10x2 Eastbourne 8x6 Midsomer Keepe A
10x6 Berwick Upon Tweed 10x2 Lossiemouth 8x6 Midsomer Keepe B
10x6 Sandling HS1 10x2 Llanfair Mainline 8x6 Rabbits
9x9 Dover Priory 10x2 Kingscote 8x6 Modified Minories
    8x6 Padstow
8 feet wide 8 feet wide 8x6 Swanage & Herston Halt
8x6 Bankbridge 8x2 Buckley Wells 8x6 Rayfield Cornhill
8x6 Skipton 8x2 Whitby 8x6 Queenstown Junction
8x6 Neville's Green 8x2 Bolton Abbey 8x6 Wychway
8x6 Castlefield   8x6 Simple Branch
8x6 Fictional Island Layout 6 feet wide 8x6 Descending Dumbell
8x6 Loop and Branch 1 6x2 Mode Wheel 8x5 Walsworth Central
8x4 Loop and Branch 2 6x2 Island Terminus 8x5 The Chiemseebahn
8x4 Loop and Branch 3 6x2 Micro Terminus 8x5 Lupin Branches
8x4 Goathland 6x2 Ilkley 8x4.5 The Balmoral Tramway
8x4 Berwick Upon Tweed 6x2 Kyle Shed 8x4 Panglao Express
8x4 Wraparound   8x4 Village Green Preservation Society
8x4 Winding Branch 4 feet wide 8x4 Two Reverse Loops
8x4 Curved Station 4x2 Shunting Harbour 8x4 Simple Oval
8x4 Raised Station   8x4 Everpool Docks
8x4 Flyover #1 End to End Designs 7x4 Wells
8x4 Flyover #2   7x3 Cargo Port
8x4 End to End 8 feet wide
8x4 Quadruple Oval 8x8 Georgemas Junction 6 feet wide
8x4 Kingswear Boat Yard 8x4 Fort William 6x4.5 St Tom
8x4 Trafford Park 8x4 Banff 6x4 Tagbilaran End2End
8x4 Pentir Rhiw 8x4 Buxton 6x4 Bohol Micro Dumbell
8x4 Euston Parcels 8x4 Ballachulish 6x4 Lesser Pelfe
8x4 Haworth 8x2 Trafford Wharf Road 6x4 Devils Mountain
8x4 Par   6x4 Dragons Pass
8x4 Barmouth 6 feet wide
8x4 Buxton Continuous 6x6 Laira Central 4 feet wide
8x4 North Walsham 6x6 Kyle of Lochalsh 4x4 Fisherman’s Wharfe
8x4 Oxenholme 6x4 Fort William 3.5x3.5 One Metre
8x4 Ravenstonedale 6x4 Porthmadog Slate
  6x4 China Clay Harbour
6 feet wide 6x4 Termini
6x6 Leeds City 6x4 Triangle
6x6 Newcastle 6x4 Welshpool (NG)
6x6 East Coast 6x2 Trafford Industry
6x6 Ayr 6x2 Liverpool Docks
6x6 Flyover Eight 6x1 Diesel Depot
6x6 Shap Summit 6x1 Wagon Works
6x6 Rannoch 6x1 City Freight
6x6 Peak Quarry 6x1 Royal Mail
6x6 Through Running 6x1 Three Platforms
6x6 Fort Junction  
6x6 York Single Level
4 feet wide
6x6 York Double Level 4x2 Humber Docks
6x6 Welshpool 4x2 Old Oak Corner
6x6 Truro 4x1 Crowded Shed
6x6 North Blyth 4x1 Simple Loop
6x4 Wharfe Valley Light Railway 4x1 Railcar Station
6x4 Haymarket 4x1 Stabling Depot
6x4 Salford Crescent 4x1 Seven Sidings
6x4 Crianlarich 3x1.5 Newport Shed
6x4 Edinburgh Waverley 3x1.5 Scottish Harbour
6x4 Ramsbottom  
6x4 Bury

6x4 Branch Line #1

6x4 Branch Line #2

6x4 Branch Line #3

6x4 Triple Oval

6x4 Double End-to-End

6x4 Leith Docks

6x4 Gatwick

6x4 Corner Station

6x4 Double Loop with Branch

6x4 End-to-End Freight

6x4 Tribute to CJF

6x4 Retford

6x4 Preservation Centre

6x4 Tywyn (NG)

5 feet wide

5x3.5 Freight

5x3.5 Town

4.5x3.5 Dockside

4.5x3.5 Branch Line

4.5x3.5 Ardlui

4.5x3.5 AC Depot

4 feet wide

4x4 Highland Line

4x4 Leek Wootton

4x4 Next Step

4x4 Oban

4x4 Little Rylstone

4x4 Port Rush

4x4 Upp and Over


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